DOE Launches Emergency Response Hydrogen Training Resource

The Energy Department’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) announces the launch of a new, free, online national hydrogen safety training resource for emergency responders. Developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the resource provides a single repository of credible and reliable information related to hydrogen and fuel cells that is current and accurate and eliminates duplicative efforts among various training programs. This approach will enable government and private training organizations nationwide to develop their own training programs with consistent hydrogen and fuel cells content and standards.

A properly trained first responder community is critical to the successful introduction of hydrogen fuel cell applications like fuel cell electric vehicles and fuel cell powered material handling equipment and emergency backup power. Using this national emergency response hydrogen training resource, hydrogen and fuel cell-related training can be delivered locally by first responder trainers to serve missions to protect life and preserve property, while maintaining a consistent source of accurate information and current knowledge. These free training materials are adaptable to the specific needs of first responders and training organizations and are meant to complement the extensive training programs already in place.

There will be a webinar on March 24, 2015, to provide additional details about the emergency response hydrogen training resource. Register for the webinar.