Fire Apparatus: Easy Steps for Aerial Maintenance

Issue 2 and Volume 168.

By David T. Phelan Fire service apparatus advances can be divided into numerous areas and according to numerous benchmarks often tied to operational safety. Providing an increased margin of safety has driven practically every aerial apparatus change and advance. Today’s aerial apparatus are infinitely safer than the aerial apparatus of more than 25 years ago and measurably safer than aerials that are only 10 to 15 years old. What does this have to do with aerial apparatus inspection, testing, and maintenance? Practically everything! The designed safety of any apparatus depends on the purchaser’s (your fire department’s) unwavering commitment to provide ongoing maintenance to keep the operational safety level as close as possible to the original design safety level. A fire department commitment to a continuous inspection, testing, and maintenance process is one way to accomplish this. Whether you operate a circa 1955 Calavar Firebird or just took delivery of a…

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