Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Fireground Management

Fireground Management: I Know It When I See It

Issue 2 and Volume 168.

by ALAN BRUNACINI In our ongoing march through the vertically arranged performance activities that connect to a boss’s capability level, we have covered attendance, appearance, and maintenance. These functions form the very practical foundation for how we prepare to deliver service. As we stated last month, these necessary functions are not glamorous or sexy when we do them and are only exciting when we don’t do them; then the boss must exert personal authority/influence to cause them to come up to the standard. A lot of what we do operationally/tactically is exciting, and we should create an approach where we limit that excitement to the challenge of solving the incident problem and not to some flub where we didn’t effectively maintain a critical part of our system ahead of time and the mistake suddenly is discovered at showtime. We should always operate where the main action (like putting water on…

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