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Firefighting Technology: Training with EVALS

Issue 2 and Volume 168.

By MATTHEW JEWETT In today’s fire service training environment, we are all experiencing the challenges of the “new learner.” The inconsistency of instruction among instructors, the retirement of experienced firefighters, and reductions in training staff from budget cuts have drastically challenged the fire service to pass on to this new learner the skills, knowledge, and experience within our ranks. So, how do we bridge this gap of inexperience, and in what ways can we connect efficiently with the new learner to ensure that the fire service progresses? Whether we are teaching in the college academy environment, for entry-level positions, or for career development, it has become increasingly challenging to teach the new learner because of increased expectations. The new learner is used to instant gratification and feedback as a result of growing up with the Internet and the immediate access to information he has had at his fingertips through mobile…

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