Detroit Firefighters Struggle to Find Usable Hydrants at Fire

A fire ripped through the home on Sorrento Tuesday morning and when firefighters arrived, they had a hard time finding usable fire hydrants, reports

Tina Brooks lives nearby and says she watched them fight to get a hydrant to work.

“It wasn’t working last night. When we looked out window they went down the street to use the fire hydrant.” Brooks said.

“We need the fire hydrants,” Sharon Bennett said. “You’ve got to fight fire.That’s the only way you can fight them you can’t use my hose off side of my house.”  

Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after the fire, Crews from Detroit’s water and sewerage department were checking on the hydrants. That makes residents happy but they wish it would have been done sooner.

The Detroit Fire Department released this statement in response to Tuesday’s problems:

“When firefighters arrived at the scene on Sorrento they did have some difficulty connecting to a working hydrant.  We are working closely with the Water Department to address the hydrants on that block as soon as possible. The Water Department also is working to determine whether there are any other non-working hydrants in that area so it can address them as well.”

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