Shelton (CT) Fire Chief Says Unshoveled Hydrant Led to Delayed Response

Shelton firefighters had a difficult time with a house fire on Thursday morning because the closest hydrant wasn not shoveled so crews had to clear it, reports

The fire was in the basement area near a clothes dryer. Firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the basement. There was smoke damage in the upper level.

Fire officials are advising Connecticut residents to clear snow away from fire hydrants near their homes.

“There were a couple of hydrants, fire crews had to spend a moment or two digging out the closest hydrant,” said Shelton Fire Chief Fran Jones. “It just adds to the time.”

On Thursday, John Gerardi was chopping away to slowly dig out the snow covered fire hydrant that sits across the street from his home.

“My neighbor usually does it. When he doesn’t I’ll go and grab a shovel, just try to get everything open,” Gerardi said. “If we get a fire, we’re hit, they’re not going to know where it is.”

Jones said he is asking residents to clear out hydrants in front of their homes and clear a path not only to the road, but also shovel about three feet around the hydrants other three sides.

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