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Indian River County Firefighters (FL) Test Positive for Toxic Mold


Nine firefighters in Indian River County have tested positive for exposure to toxic mold, which could be inside their fire stations, according to The Indian River County Fire Union, reports (

Union President, John O’Connor, says the union is now pressing the county to more thoroughly inspect the stations for mold and to correct the problem.

O’Connor says firefighters at three stations tested positive.

“It indicates that there’s a major problem and we have to fix it sooner than later,” said O’Connor.

This comes after two firefighters tested positive for toxic mold exposure earlier this year. O’Connor says seven more tests were ordered after those first two came back positive.

He says this helps build the union’s case that it is no coincidence the tests are coming back positive, but that there is mold in the fire houses.

County leaders have argued that there is no proof the mold exposure is coming from the fire stations. County administrator Joseph Baird says the exposure could be at their homes or other areas.

Baird says four different fire stations were inspected for mold late last year. Those inspections did reveal “suspect visible mold”, but the possible mold was not collected or tested to be confirmed.

Baird said other inspections will be done, but did not detail to what extent.

“They’ve cited it in all the reports and they refuse to acknowledge it,” O’Connor said.