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Fireground Management: Prioritizing Tasks on the Fireground

Issue 3 and Volume 168.

By RICHARD RAY Volunteer firefighters comprise 71 percent of today’s fire service in the United States; however, the number of available volunteer firefighters is steadily decreasing. Volunteer fire departments face a staffing challenge that is different from combination and career departments; personnel availability is based largely on when the emergency occurs. Because of work schedules and family and other responsibilities, there are limits on when volunteers can respond. So, how can you ensure that the fireground functions are prioritized and done safely and in a timely manner when staffing is limited? It takes preparation, training, and execution. Preparation is a fundamental element of success. For the volunteer fire department, preparation involves having departmental standard operating guidelines (SOGs) that are relevant and applicable to the department and its response area. SOGs set the stage for a fireground that reduces freelancing and overwhelming the incident commander (IC)—two key aspects that lead to…

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