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P2 ~ Explosion in West, Texas: Lessons Learned from Multiple Deaths

Issue 3 and Volume 168.

<Previous Displaying 2/2 Page 1, 2View Article as Single page Contributing Factors to the Explosion The task force report listed the following factors that directly or indirectly contributed to the disastrous outcome of this incident. 1. The absence of standard operating procedures (SOPs). In my first interview with a surviving West firefighter, I asked what they did or did not know about the building and its contents as well as the initial firefighting strategy. I followed up with a request about their SOPs. The reply was something like this: “There were no operating procedures … for anything—at least not written down.” It was recommended that SOPs be developed and firefighters be trained and educated regarding scene strategies and tactics for responding to high-hazard or high-risk occupancies. (1) This was in accordance with Texas Commission on Fire Protection standards and best practices as outlined in Fire Department of New York Chief…

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