Firefighter LODDs: Explosion in West, Texas: Lessons Learned from Multiple Deaths

Issue 3 and Volume 168.

(1) In this undated insurer photo taken from the southeast vantage, the West Fertilizer Plant is seen during a regular day of operations. The seed room, where the fire is believed to have initiated, can be seen in the right of the photo. (Photos courtesy of the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office.) By Brian A. Crawford On April 17, 2014, I sat quietly in a small church in West, Texas, reviewing my notes to a PowerPoint® presentation that was about to be delivered. There was really nothing to review. As one of the authors, I knew the contents of the pages before me all too well. I was just trying to work off some nervous energy. My real thoughts were focused on how many people would show up and, more importantly, how a sensitive portion of the program, “Findings and Recommendations,” would be received. As the restricted and invitation-only crowd…

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