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Issue 3 and Volume 168.

Armor Tuff’s INTERLOCKING NON-SLIP TILES are extremely durable to the emergency service. These easy to clean 20 × 20 tiles are strong and durable. Testing has shown running over the tiles with ti4re changes, or trying to burn, beat, stain, and damage the tile proved unsuccessful. We can provide backup striping, bay identifiers and your company logo. All you need to do to this floor is clean it! Stop by FDIC booth #9627 to see our “LIFETIME WARRANTY” flooring product that can dramatically improve your stations floors. We will be happy to answer your questions to bring back a full and detailed report to your department. (855) 723-5667. Firematics’ Porta-CAFS® is the portable compressed air foam system which is much less expensive than high-pressure compressors attached to truck mounted pumps. Compressed air foam has a proven track record of three to five times a faster knockdown compared to water…

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