It’s About Getting and Giving Back to Your Team and Your Community

AHA Chief David Johns

by Mary Jane Dittmar

“FDIC is a benefit on so many levels–the training and education are only part of the trip,” says Chief David Johns of the Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue. He points also to “the excitement of seeing all the equipment and gear, the sense of pride evident among attendees, and the sense of being in a profession that is so large and across many countries.”

“The synergetic effect of all of the above–and more– send you back home feeling more energized and excited to perform at a higher level,” he explains.  “Seeing others doing more and reaching
for more pushes you just a little more each year.”

“You should always surround yourself with mentors who can challenge and encourage you, and this is what you find at this event–the best of the best, and those wanting to be better at what they do,” Chief Johns adds. “This, in turn, helps you to provide better service to your home community. FDIC is about getting and giving back to your team and your community!”