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Rochester (MN) Firefighters Learning How to Rescue Their Own

Every now and then firefighters practice scenarios they hope to never use, and on Wednesday crews in Rochester got some hands on drills, reports (

Firefighters completed a task in which officials placed a dummy inside of the now closed Michaels restaurant to symbolize a member of their team being left behind. The person inside could be trapped or even passed out. Either way, crews must work quickly in order to find the victim and also get them to safety. Those who went through the drill say there are a couple of ways they can find those victims. 

“All of our packs go into alarm if a person stays stationary for a set period of time. We also have inferred cameras that will search for heat signatures and we also have a pack tracker that helps us to find, locate the pack; our air pack that’s on each firefighters back,” firefighter Brent Graunke says.

Crews usually take between five and ten minutes to complete the task. Officials like to do this training once or twice a year.