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Ideologues and Their Bad Behavior

Issue 5 and Volume 168.

There are some in the fire service today who speak about and write about how we should change. About what we should change. About how necessary change is and how reluctant we are to accept change. Recently, someone commented that he was writing a book on how to change the fire service to accept safety. This gentleman described that in his book he will outline how our “traditional tactics” are getting firefighters injured. He plans to outline how the “deniers” are perpetuating behavior and attitudes that ignore the current understandings of fire science. On the other side are those who will tell you that “they,” the “Kool-Aid® drinkers,” are trying to make all fire attacks exterior attacks. They assert inexperience and cowardice are driving an agenda. It’s important to note here, though, that the truth is not the same to all people. A half-dozen or more videos of an ideological…

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