Two Teenagers Charged in Green Bay Apartment Fire

The two teens arrested in connection with a Green Bay apartment fire have now been charged. And prosecutors say the fire may have been gang related, reports

The two suspects have both been charged with arson, burglary and endangering safety.

The criminal complaint says the teens confessed to setting the fires as gang retaliation.

Charged with intentionally setting fire to this Danz Avenue apartment building, 18-year-old Jesse Jones and 17-year-old Jordan Gardner appeared over video conference in court Friday afternoon.

“This is a very serious offense. Arson involves the defendant and his accomplice burning down a sixteen unit apartment building late at night when approximately 60 people were inside,” said Kristen Bohnert, a Brown County Assistant District Attorney.

Court documents say Gardner and Jones went to the apartment complex to confront a rival gang member. Gardner and Jones told investigators they entered the apartment building and went into the basement, where they found spray cans marked “flammable.”

They said they used a lighter to start a soaked rag on fire. Then, they both ran out of the building. Gardner said he set the fire to “send a message.”