Former Navy Veteran Set to Release Book on History-Making Legacy Sky Dive

In 2012, former Navy vet Ryan Parrott had a dream to invite a veteran–from every war and major conflict this country has seen in recent history–to jump from a plane to raise awareness for his non-profit, Sons of the Flag. The non-profit’s mission is to support military, first-responder and civilian burn survivors and their families.

In November of 2012, Parrott’s dream was realized when he organized the Legacy Sky Dive, featuring American veterans representing every war back to WWII and even included an FDNY 9/11 survivor. Each participant made history by jumping in tandem with the United States Army’s elite parachute team, the Golden Knights.

Parrott found himself being so moved by the stories and experiences of each of these incredible servicemen he knew that he needed to share those stories with the public so that current and future generations could hear about each man’s service, sacrifice and love for their country.

“Sons of the Flag brings together the veterans from each of the American wars in the last 100 years, including 9/11 first responders,” Parrott said. “Each man discusses the WHY of their service. Their chapters reveal a legacy of service among American soldiers.”

Parrot’s passion for veterans runs deep in the book, which features a forward by Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton. “This book is about the deep bond between the men who serve this country. This isn’t a glorified war story, it is a real life look at what links veterans together. There have been attempts at creating a story like this but Sons of the Flag is unique in bringing together the stories of both military veterans and first responders. It really was an amazing, emotional and rewarding experience putting this piece together. I am very happy with the end result.”

Sons of the Flag the book releases to the public on May 13th. It will be available through all major book retailers. If readers would like a signed copy, they can place an order at www.SonsoftheFlagBook.com