Recent Fatal Fires Take Toll on Colbert (WA) Firefighters

For the second time in as many days, a home went up in flames killing the people inside, reports

Megan Hill from Fire District 4 said it is unique to see this much trauma in the area.

Firefighters received a call about an illegal burn, but when they arrived they discovered something far more drastic.

An entire home engulfed in flames. Within 30 minutes, the fire was out, but not before three people were dead.

“I can’t even think of a time we’ve had this much before,” Hill said.

The Chattaroy Road fire was a reminder of another fatal fire that happened on Sunday.

In that fire, a trailer was engulfed in flames in Elioka Lake. The fire killed a man, and the entire property was ruined.

For workers in Fire District 4 it has been more than a decade since two fatal fires happened in such a close span of time.

To handle the investigations for two high profile cases, FD4 is relying on outside help. Five different agencies helped with the Elioka Lake fire, and four other departments are offering their assistance with Tuesday’s fires.

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