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Outside In: Wearing Portable Radios

Issue 5 and Volume 168.

BY DANNY STRATTON View Image Gallery>> Wearing your portable radio properly is important to protect the device and maintain your ability to operate it effectively during interior firefighting. Using a leather radio strap and case and wearing both under the turnout coat is the best way to do this. Outside the Coat Placing the radio strap over the coat exposes the entire unit to heat damage, particularly the wire between the microphone and the radio. Furthermore, if worn outside the turnout coat, the strap and the radio wire are more likely to become entangled with furniture, stock, and wiring inside a fire structure, possibly detaching the microphone and entrapping the firefighter (photos 1-3). If you carry the device in your turnout gear or radio pockets, you may encounter problems securing and protecting it from exposure. The entire wire is vulnerable to heat and fire damage and can become entangled. Another…

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