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Tulsa Fire Department’s Bowstring Truss ID System

Issue 5 and Volume 168.

BY TIM KUEHNERT Firefighter safety is at the top of everyone’s list. From the top down, city administration, fire chiefs, training officers, company officers, drivers, and firefighters all agree that we have to do our jobs in a safe manner. One aspect of firefighter safety includes risk assessment. Risk assessment takes place on several levels in the forms of long-range planning, preincident planning, and tactical decisions made on the fireground. Firefighters are accustomed to evaluating fireground risks. We identify potential threats to our safety by drawing on our training, experience, and instincts. We also participate in preincident planning-building surveys, building walk-throughs, and risk-specific company drills-to familiarize ourselves with the risks in our response area. Preincident planning lets us think through strategic and tactical options without the stress and urgency. Bridging the gap between preincident planning and fireground risk assessment has always been a challenge. How do we bring the knowledge…

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