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A Duty to Respond: Translating Your Fire Safety Message to a Multicultural Community

Issue 5 and Volume 168.

By KEN CARR We all have our reasons for being firefighters. Whether it is fulfillment of a lifelong dream or ambition, the inherent need to help people, or the calling of community service or pride, you have made a conscious decision to become part of an elite group of individuals. And whether you are career or volunteer, you are doing what you do by choice. There are undeniable constants that come with being a firefighter, one of which is the duty to respond. Let’s look at the phrase “the duty to respond.” What immediately comes to mind when you hear that phrase is, when the tones drop you respond to what is perceived to be an emergency by someone in need. Another type of response you must acknowledge is the need for fire and life safety education; as a firefighter, you have a duty to respond to this need as…

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