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Lockport (NY) Firefighters Pursue Training Center

Firefighters with the city of Lockport, New York, have gotten approval to install a new fire training center in a former restaurant, according to a news report.

According to the News Niagara Reporter, the center will be housed at the site of a former Jamaican restaurant that the city foreclosed on years ago. The city held onto the property instead of auctioning it off.

“It really just needs a good clean-out,” Luca C.P. Quagliano, the Fire Department’s municipal training officer, told reporters. “If it’s going to sit empty, we could do something with it.”

The report said the department needs a place to erect props to practice a variety of firefighting techniques. Brady said when such training is necessary, the firefighters pull their apparatus out of the firehouse and set up the props on the garage floor.

The restaurant could also provide firefighters with the opportunity to train on bailouts and a combined space maze.