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Modesto (CA) Firefighters, Law Enforcement Agencies Target Illegal Fireworks

For the eleventh year in a row, Modesto (CA) officials will institute a “Zero Tolerance” enforcement policy for illegal fireworks.

At a news conference Thursday morning, representatives of the Modesto Police and Modesto Fire Departments, and other representatives of the Stanislaus County Fireworks Safety Task Force, will announce that they are targeting the users and sellers of illegal fireworks with increased fines and penalties including a minimum $1,000 fine in the City of Modesto.

Presentations at this news conference will focus on the dangers of illegal fireworks as well as the safe and responsible use of state-approved fireworks in those communities that permit their sale and use.

The Stanislaus County Fireworks Safety Task Force is a safety coalition composed of representatives of local fire departments and law enforcement agencies who are working closely with the non-profit organizations who sell state-approved fireworks and the state-approved fireworks industry.

A copy of the new safety videos and PSA’s will be available on DVD at the press conference along with other background material or can be viewed online at