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First Responder Defensive Tactics: Animal Threats

Issue 6 and Volume 168.

BY PHILIP DUCZYMINSKI Today’s first responders are constantly reminded of all hazards they face every day. One problem is that we have not received the proper training to address every hazard we may face. It is difficult enough for fire departments to provide all of the mandated training; adding even more topics is extremely difficult. However, we cannot neglect training for response to incidents that may pose physical threats to emergency service personnel. Dog attacks are one threat that gets little attention When I start a training class, I ask, “At an incident, has anyone ever been at risk of being bitten by a dog?” Everyone raises their hands. But to the next question, “Who has ever been trained on how to deal with animal threats?” only one or two people may respond. Does this seem right? First responders face this hazard every day, but very few have ever received…

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