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TrackTrain Teams With South Adams County Fire District to Lower Firefighter Cancer Rates

TrackTrain, has teamed with the South Adams County Fire District in the fight against cancer in the fire service. The Exposure Tracker by TrackTrain is the first system to easily document and track all the toxic exposures firefighters get on the job where they have up to 2.3x the rate of cancer compared to the average worker.

Launched in March of 2015. Currently, eight fire departments in four states (CA, UT, CO, CT) have joined, and 30 fire departments are in the process of joining.

Battalion Chief (Ret.) Clive Savacool created the Exposure Tracker after he developed a respiratory disease from years of toxic exposures as a firefighter. His insight coupled with help from researchers at the CDC has helped make the Exposure Tracker a tool that can greatly advance firefighter health and safety.

The purpose of the Exposure Tracker is to provide thorough documentation of all the toxic exposures firefighters get over the course of their career. Giving firefighters greater insight of their accumulated exposures and streamlining the Workers Comp process when they do get ill.