Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Leadership

Developing Leaders for the Next Generation

Issue 7 and Volume 168.

BY DOUGLAS K. CLINE Fire and emergency services professional development standards have never been more important than now. The drastic changes in politics, economics, budgets, and government philosophies over the past 15 years confirm the need for enhanced emergency services leadership. We must adapt and change our professional development philosophies and encompass education, training, experience, and self-development into a much more well-rounded focus. Leadership Theories Of the many leadership theories around, none of them is the only way, but we must understand each theory and use it for the greater good of the fire service. Transactional leadership centers on the exchange that occurs between the leader and the follower-i.e., “If you will do this, I will reward you with that.” The leader uses disciplinary power and a variety of incentives to motivate employees to perform optimally. Such leadership focuses on maintaining the normal flow of operations. Transformational leadership uses and…

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