Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Truck Company

Opening Up

Issue 7 and Volume 168.

I’m sure someone told you early in your career not to bring the job home with you: “It’s better that they don’t know what you’re doing.” Sure, many of us have brought home tales from the streets, but I’m sure we sugarcoat the stories for our loved ones. Of course, we’ve also brought home stories to scare or educate our children about drug overdoses or auto wrecks with fatalities from not wearing seat belts. Feeling a bit bad about my eating and drinking lifestyle on a summer beach vacation, I decided to include some regular exercise. A walk alone to sweat and just destress as the ocean’s waves hit my feet was my choice of strenuous activity for the day. I thought about firefighting at the beach and how firefighters would have to put up with the wind and elevated homes built on stilts-formulating a column for the summer. Little…

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