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IAFF Invites Journalists to Embed with Firefighters at Conference

The IAFF invites journalists to join hundreds of professional fire fighter/paramedics as they receive the latest training at one of the world’s largest firefighter safety and EMS conferences. Get a rare look into the professional lives of fire fighter/paramedics through hands-on demonstrations and opportunities to meet fire fighters and other public safety experts.

Firefighters and paramedics risk their lives every day to protect the public. On every shift they face debilitating injury or death and even chronic life-threatening illnesses like cancer and heart disease. They must have regular, up-to-date training to stay safe on the job while performing their duties.

Journalists are encouraged to stop by the conference at any point. Here are a couple of events you might want to participate in during the week:

  • Fire Ops 101 – Experience first-hand the skills required and risks inherent to the profession. Fire Ops will drop you into real emergency situations in a controlled environment. Wear the equipment, conduct drills and see what saving lives feels like.
  • Fire Ground Survival – This is the most comprehensive fire ground survival skills program currently available in the United States. This training teaches fire fighters best practices and how to be prepared to take emergency life-saving action.

If you would like to attend any part of this conference, please contact Tim Burn at 202-230-7167 or via email at [email protected]