Firefighting, Leadership, Volunteer Fire Service

Effective Leadership: Finding the Common Ground Between Leader and Members

Issue 8 and Volume 168.

By MARYON J. WILLIAMS JR. This article was writteN with the fire/rescue service in mind, but it can be applied to leaders in any field. The exercises at the end serve as a way to quantify the traits of leadership in your organization. Leadership training should include more than just the mechanics of leadership; it should include also what makes the organization and its leaders work together. We all know leadership when we see it, and we know when it is missing. Figure 1 shows a fictitious leader. But what is leadership? Leadership may be viewed as the mechanism used by individuals to accomplish a common objective. This article focuses on what happens when the leader and the group/organization do not agree on the objective or goal. What if the group does not want to do what the leader wants or the leader does not believe in the organization’s goals?…

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