Firefighting, Leadership

Climbing the Ladder of Success: Demystifying the Hiring Process

Issue 8 and Volume 168.

BY CRAIG A. HAIGH A week rarely goes by without someone considering a fire service career contacting me. Without question, it is one of the greatest jobs on earth but also one of the most challenging to obtain. Most candidates do not understand the new firefighter selection process and criteria, including how to best present themselves as a contender. Talking with candidates, I almost always ask, “Why do you want to be a career firefighter?” Is it the job excitement, the call volume, the work schedule, the pay and benefits, or the family tradition? Or do you just need a job? Regardless, candidates must understand why they want this job. Why do they want to be a career firefighter? Find the Right Department This is the single most important decision a candidate makes and the one most often messed up. Candidates are so focused on getting a job as a…

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