Firefighting, Truck Company

Fire in a Detroit Vacant Building

Issue 9 and Volume 168.

By Michael M. Dugan A fire is reported in a vacant structure; unfortunately, this happens frequently in the city of Detroit. The Detroit (MI) Fire Department is good at fighting fires in vacant buildings because members fight these types of fires often. A few good actions at fires in vacant buildings will help keep firefighters and fire officers safer. Fires in vacant buildings usually are not reported early on because there is no one present who will report the fire. A lot of times, the neighboring building is also vacant. If a homeless person is in the building and becomes aware of a fire, he leaves. Line-of-duty deaths have resulted when fire personnel entered the fire building looking for reported vagrants who already exited the building and were across the street observing. Vagrants do not want to be stopped and detained for possibly having started the fire; they fear being…

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