Apparatus & Equipment, Engine Company, Firefighting

Are You Using the Hydrant Kit to Maximum Advantage?

Issue 10 and Volume 168.

By Anthony Rowett The most basic and most important engine company function on the fireground is getting water on the fire. To accomplish this mission and to ensure its continued success throughout the operation, the engine company must establish a water supply. There are multiple ways to do this; the most common method is to use a fire hydrant. When using a fire hydrant to establish a water supply during a fireground operation, the engine company attaches its supply hose to the fire hydrant and then to the apparatus and charges the hoselines using the water supplied by the hydrant. Firefighters can perform this routine task with minimal effort. When everything goes according to plan, the only tools and equipment needed to make the connection and perform the operation are the hose that will connect the fire hydrant to the pumper and a hydrant wrench. However, as we know, everything…

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