Museum of Fire Protection Launched to Commemorate 100 Years of ANSUL

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the ANSUL brand, Tyco Fire Protection has launched the world’s first online Museum of Fire Protection.

The museum commemorates a century of dedication to fire protection by sharing stories from employees, customers, and distributors about the evolving industry; showcasing its rich history and bright future.  Through its archives and media galleries, visitors can learn about historic ANSUL innovations, as well as industry science and events.

“Over the past century, the fire protection industry has kept pace with the ever-growing number of fire hazards that can instantly affect our families, our homes, our businesses and our lives,” said Raj Arora, VP & GM, Fire Detection and Special Hazard Products. “The online Museum of Fire Protection is our tribute to the passion that has built this industry and which the ANSUL brand has come to embody.”