Apparatus Symposium and Safety Forum Combine in 2016

In January 2016, the Fire Department Safety Officers Association’s (FDSOA) annual Apparatus Specification and Maintenance Symposium and the annual Safety Forum will run concurrently January 18-22, 2016, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The FDSOA 28th Annual Apparatus Specification and Maintenance Symposium will be held January 18-20, while the 2016 Annual Safety Forum will begin January 18-19 with two Safety Officer Academies and continue with the Safety Forum conference Wednesday thru Friday, January 22nd.

According to FDSOA’s Executive Director Rich Marrinucci, “The move to a joint conference was based upon a couple of considerations. First, the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival wished to pursue a partnership. Second, there is a natural connection between safety and apparatus.”

This is the first time the annual Apparatus Specification and Maintenance Symposium will move from its original location in the Orlando area. In addition, the FDSOA is working in partnership with the IAFC’s Safety Health & Survival Section to host the annual Safety Forum and expand the reach to chiefs and chief officers with current trends and information on firefighter safety.

The Apparatus Symposium, co-sponsored by the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association and Fire Apparatus magazine (sister publication to Fire Engineering) will offer 25 programs focused on emergency vehicles and presented by experts in the fire industry. Programs range from apparatus specification writing, electronics, and diesel issues to NFPA 2016 highlights and new ambulance standards.

The combined events will also feature three of the fire services’ most popular—and sometimes controversial–keynote speakers:

  • Monday, January 18thJames J. Juneau, Juneau, Boll, Stacy & Ucherek, Dallas, Texas.
  • Wednesday, January 20thGordon Graham, Graham Research Consultants, Long Beach, California.
  • Friday, January 22nd – Billy Goldfeder, Deputy Chief, Loveland-Symmes, Ohio

The Safety Forum portion of the week will begin with the two-day Incident Safety Officer and the Health and Safety Officer Academies. Dave Dodson and Shadd Whitehead will present the ISO class based on Dodson’s new 3rd Edition of the Incident Safety Officer released August 2015. Stu Rodeffer and Doug Cline will present the HSO Academy. Upon completion of either 16-hour academy, attendees will be eligible to take the exam for National Certification onsite either Tuesday or Wednesday evening, or by using an approved local proctor at a later date.

Details on registration and complete agendas are available on www.fdsoa.org.

For more information regarding the FDSOA Apparatus Symposium and Safety Forum, January 18-22, 2016, contact Rich Marinucci, Executive Director, at [email protected] or visit www.fdsoa.org.