TradLabs Launches FROST Axe Kickstarter

TradLabs crowdfunds the FROST axe – a multipurpose firefighting tool designed for first responders to use from the moment they arrive on scene until they head back to the station.

TradLabs introduces the FROST axeor First Responder On Scene Tools, which combines seven of the most common firefighting tools in use today. Its unique design supports attacking a hydrant, hose and coupling work, forcible entry, vertical and horizontal ventilation and self-rescue, all with a single tool.

“If the FROST axe saves a firefighter even one trip back to the engine for another tool, we feel like we’ve done our job,” said Peter Biddle, founder of TradLabs. “And we’ve worked with firefighters to make the FROST axe as useful and durable as possible.”

TradLabs spent much of the past year doing user-centered design with the help of rural and volunteer firefighters in Texas and Washington state. Rapid-prototyping and direct feedback helped shape the FROST axe every step of the way until it was deemed field-ready. “Basically it went through anything we threw at it,” said Tim Milbert, Fire Chief of Kittitas County Fire District 6. “It’s a good tool.”

Each axe is made out of solid AR400 steel–the same metal used in construction equipment and vehicle armor–and fitted with a fire resistant handle. Because it is made out of such durable material, each FROST axe comes with a lifetime warranty.

The FROST axe is available for a limited time through the Kickstarter campaign. If owning this epic tool isn’t your cup of tea, you can help get the axes into the right hands. $295 gets you your own axe, while pledging $50 will go towards donating axes to a deserving fire department.