Tulsa Firefighter Recounts Rescue of Woman from Burning Home

A Tulsa Firefighter who helped pulled a woman from her burning home earlier this week, saving her life, discussed the expereince, reports

The fire started late Tuesday night in a duplex near 1st Street and Pittsburgh Avenue.

“The porch was heavily involved in fire and there was a large amount of fire in the living room area,” firefighter Justin Weber said.

Weber and other firefighters then spotted a man outside the home. He had been rescued by a person passing by but told them that there was a woman still trapped inside.

“Knowing that there is someone is in there, it gives you another sense of urgency,” Weber said.

At first, firefighters had no safe way to get into the home, so they had to quickly bat down some of the flames.

Then they went in to search for the woman who they found in the far back bedroom in the floor next to the bed. They said she wasn’t breathing and in cardiac arrest.

Webber and his captain picked up the woman and got her outside where another crew was waiting to help.

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