Chicago Firefighter Killed in Warehouse Fire

Video: abc7chicago

A Chicago (IL) firefighter died early Monday morning in a fire at a vacant warehouse.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Daniel Capuano, 42, a 15-year veteran of the department, died after falling down an elevator shaft during a fire on the Far South Side of the city.

REPORT: Building Lacked Proper Work Permits

When firefighters arrived at the three-story building, there was heavy smoke through the second floor, and firefighters searched for the source of the fire, according to the report. Firefighters noticed holes in the floor and an emergency alert was issued for firefighters to use caution. During the search, Capuano fell through an elevator shaft from the second floor to the basement.

Chicago firefighters paid tribute to fallen firefighter Daniel Capuano, 42, who died early Monday after falling two stories down an elevator shaft during a warehouse fire.


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