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Aerial Placement for Maximum Effectiveness

Issue 12 and Volume 168.

No matter the SIZE of the department or the type of community served, the primary reason for placing the aerial in a particular place on a fire scene is exactly the same: effectiveness. Every department desires the most effective use of its device at each incident. Three factors impact the effectiveness of a device at a given scene: design, placement, and stabilization. This article addresses the positioning of the aerial for maximum effectiveness. (1) Taking a position in the center of the front of larger buildings and maximizing the scrub area. (Photos by Patrick Dooley unless otherwise noted.) Placement of the aerial ladder on the fireground receives less attention than it should in most texts. In many cases, the topic is framed from a very limited perspective and lacks the versatility the real world requires. This approach to the subject results in many apparatus operators answering the question, “Where should…

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