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Massive Fire Destroys New Jersey Lightweight Wood-Frame Apartment Building

Issue 1 and Volume 169.

BY Thomas Jacobson, Patrick Chevalier, and Thomas M. Quinton Sr. At 1621 hours on January 21, 2015, a fire broke out at the Avalon River Mews apartment in Edgewater, New Jersey, located near the Hudson River waterfront across from upper Manhattan in New York City. The ensuing fire consumed the entire block-long structure, consisting of 240 units. It took three days to finally extinguish the fire. Ironically, in 2000, the building had been completely destroyed in a fire when it was under construction. The Fire Building The fire building was four stories in height. The upper four floors of living area were of Type 5 lightweight wood-frame construction, which used wood trusses in the floors and roof. The first two stories were a tall fire-resistive concrete “pedestal” that served as the parking garage for residents. An interior corridor system in the living areas accessed each of the units; balconies were…

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