Extreme Fire Event Engulfs Moncton (NB) Firefighters

A massive fireball engulfed Moncton (NB) firefighters operating at a fire in a mixed-use building in the Canadian city Sunday evening. Miraculously, firefighters survived the dynamic fire event, which Chief Eric Arsenault attributed to a gas explosion.

Arsenault said the conditions to fight the fire were made more difficult because of the building’s metal roof and walls, according to a CBC News report. The structure housed a popular specialty food store and three apartments.

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The Moncton Fire Department responded to the call at about 11:45 p.m., bringing about 20 firefighters from four stations around the city, according to the report. YouTube video from Marie Mourant, posted above, shows the explosion (attention: strong language).

There were no injuries. Crews were still at the scene on Monday morning trying to extinguish the fire.

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