Prince George’s County Firefighters Concerned with New Dispatch System

Firefighters in Prince George’s County said they are troubled by a new dispatch system that is costing precious minutes in response times. In some cases, they said engines are not being dispatched at all, reports

But county officials dispute that claim saying the new GPS system is designed to improve response times and it is doing just that.

The new system has been up and running for five days now and there are differing views on how it is working.

Some firefighters said it is dysfunctional and it is not sending the closest units to fire and medical emergencies – a claim the systems designer said is not true.

When a fire broke out Wednesday on the top floor of an apartment building on New Hampshire Avenue in Adelphi, firefighters at the Branchville Volunteer Fire Company were not put on the call.

A new GPS system in the works for the last two years left them off the run along with fire houses in Berwyn Heights and College Park.

According to Branchville Volunteer Fire Company Deputy Chief Michael Hughes, it is a mistake that added precious minutes to the call.

“I think that it is somewhat indisputable that there was a delay,” he said.

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