Phoenix Firefighter Injured After Falling Off Roof

A Phoenix firefighter was hurt after falling from the roof of a burning home early Tuesday morning, reports

The firefighter, a 10-year veteran of the Phoenix Fire Department, was reported in stable condition at a local hospital. He suffered a possible fractured wrist and arm and back pain.

The name of the firefighter was not provided.

When crews pulled up at Seventh Avenue and Broadway Road, they saw the home was engulfed in flames and smoke. They immediately laid hose line and began the process of ventilating the roof.

“As soon as they got up there the ladder company will sound the roof with one of our tools to make sure it’s a sound roof when we get up there,” Phoenix Fire Capt.Reda Riddle-Bigler said.  “The crews felt the roof a little bit spongy and then switched their position and that’s how the firefighter fell off this morning.”

Riddle-Bigler was asked specifically how the firefighter lost his footing.

“So as we sound the roof that clears our path as we go up there to cut a hole with one of our saws,” she said. “As they began to cut we start to back up to have room to work and his foot went through the roof.

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