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Fire Blog Roundup: Primary Search, Cynicism, and Wedding Rings

This week’s blogs contained a few that focused on technical details of the craft, including primary search, hazards in building construction, and using mechanical advantage in rescue scenarios.

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Residential Primary Search, Part 1

Residential search is a daunting task. Zach Schleiffer on the oriented man search.
David Topczynski      

The One-Degree Difference

Are you a person who loves the job but has lost the motivation to stay “boiling”? Read a new post from David Topczynski.
Billy Greenwood      

New Construction, New Hazards

Technology can also create new hazards for firefighters. Billy Greenwood on “smoke hatches” in new construction.

If We Worked for Tips

Our quiet professional service speaks for our entire community and our place of business, writes Warren Cersley.

Staying Afloat In A Sea of Cynicism

Art Goodrich weighs in on the case of Providence (RI) Fire Captain Tom Kenney.
Dave McGlynn      

Dream On

Don’t give in to the toxic environment that can fester in some fire departments, Dave McGlynn says.

Acronymity: Tripping Over Letters

The fire service is fond of initials. Mark Cotter offers a reminder that these collections of letters are merely tools and shouldn’t be misunderstood as doctrine or dogma.

Mechanical Advantage for Limited Manpower

AB Turenne discusses an approach that can help you apply basic ropes and rigging to the element of our jobs that is geared towards saving our own.

P.J. Norwood      

Job-Related Hazards

P.J. Norwood on wearing wedding rings and other things.
Jonathan Brumley      

The One With All the Answers

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to work with an officer or senior firefighter who has the uncanny ability to find solutions, Jonathan Brumley writes.


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