Engine Company, Firefighting

In support of smooth bore (tips) nozzles

Issue 2 and Volume 169.

In support of smooth bore (tips) nozzles This refers to Bill Nemick’s “The Constant-Pressure, Variable-Gallonage Combination Nozzle” (Fire Engineering, October 2015). Although automatic nozzles have their place in the fire service, in my opinion, they are no substitute for fixed orifice smooth bore (tip) nozzles during aggressive, offensive structural firefighting operations. The direct method of hoseline attack using smooth bore nozzles is the procedure of choice for the Fire Department of New York and many other prominent fire departments in the United States. Smooth bore nozzles are effective by creating little disruption to the heated products of combustion. At the same time, they reduce heat generation by extinguishing the fire at its base and interfering with the burning process at its point of origin. This practice also halts the upward release of additional heat, smoke, and gases. The solid stream, with more mass than the “hollow” straight stream produced by…

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