Firefighting, Fireground Safety, Leadership

Excellence, Volunteers, and the Limestone VFD – Volunteer Fire Departments

Issue 2 and Volume 169.

There is an amazing renaissance occurring in the fire service, and it is a reflection of a growing cultural renaissance in America today. You might not be aware of how large it has gotten from watching the news because today’s pathetic excuses for reporters wouldn’t know a car if it hit them, much less be able to report on it correctly. If you like one channel, the “reporter” will be obsessed with the Republican driver. If you watch the other “reporter,” he will be obsessed with the Democrat driver, and both will be speaking of the same driver! But aside from news reporting and politics, a renaissance is occurring, and it is growing in every facet of American life-and the fire service is out in front. All serious firefighters are celebrating the reconnection with our National Institute of Standards and Technology fire scientists and our Underwriters Laboratories fire researchers. The…

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