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Making Tactical Decisions for Personal and Crew Safety

Issue 2 and Volume 169.

Making Tactical Decisions for Personal and Crew Safety On January 3, 2011, at 0342 hours, the East Haven (CT) Fire Department (EHFD) was dispatched to the report of smoke coming from the roof of a commercial structure. As the safety officer, I responded from home; by chance, I lived in the first-due district. While we were responding, police officers advised us of the working fire prior to our arrival. First-Due Arrivals The first-due engine company and rescue (a total of four firefighters) reported a single-story, wood-frame strip mall with smoke showing from the eaves and the roof. I arrived within one minute of their arrival. As I completed my windshield size-up, I observed a light brown smoke slowly emanating from the roof while the crew was forcing the door of a pizzeria (at the A and D corners). The pizzeria was the first occupancy in this strip mall; the exposure…

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