Apparatus & Equipment, Firefighting, Truck Company

It’s Just a Vacant

Issue 2 and Volume 169.

Getting a run in the middle of a drill isn’t the easiest situation to rebound from quickly. Trying to get all the equipment back on the rig with speed and efficiency is often comical to watch. Plus, we have learned from experience, and hopefully someone remembers to go down each side of the apparatus on the way to the crew cab to make sure the compartment doors are secured in the closed position. Seeing the dashboard’s open compartment light and hearing the warning buzzer go off when the chauffeur puts the rig in drive only add to the delayed response. While responding to a report of “smoke in the area” on the highway, most of us thought that with the cooler weather we most likely would encounter some homeless people surrounding a warming barrel/ “campfire.” Slowing down near the scene, we scanned the area and found nothing. The dispatcher informed…

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