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Fire Blog Roundup: Steps, the Forks, and Realistic Training

Below you’ll find a roundup of some of our most recent blogs, including posts on forcible entry, size-up, the fire service mission, and realistic training.

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Death Prevention

Mark Cotter on closing the door and the life safety benefits of compartmentation.

Lasting Impressions

Warren Cersley writes about the life lessons learned from athletics and how they can be applied to firefighting.

Brad French      

Cold Weather Tip: Sprinkler Valves

Brad French discusses preplanning floor-control valves in buildings in your response area.
Doug Mitchell      

Mind the Step

See how the stairs in your first due may impact your fire operations, writes Doug Mitchell.
Dan Miller      

Pressing the Safety Engine into Action Early

When should the safety engine get involved in offensive operations? A new post from Dan Miller.

Four Ways to Practice Like You Play

AB Turenne on how to turn every run into a training opportunity.

Samuel Villani      

Tactical Communications Preplanning

Samuel Villani discusses the simplest options for fixing a tactical communications problem.
Isaac Frazier      

Extrication Challenge

Isaac Frazier discusses extrication competitions and their benefit to rescuers.
Grant Schwalbe      

If Not Us, Then Who?

The public has a set of expectations when they call the fire department. Grant Schwalbe on meeting those expectations.
Brian Brush      

Forking Around

Brian Brush presents a forcible entry method for inward-swinging doors.
David Topczynski      

Size-Up: Not Always What It Seems

David Topczynski on preplans and reports from the interior.
Chris Willis      

Training with Staffing

Chris Willis: How do you keep your crews happy at training and keep it educational without having them all do work at the same time?


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