Firefighting, Survival Zone, Truck Company

Aggressive and Practical Search: It’s Still About the Victim

Issue 3 and Volume 169.

Since the advent of the fire service, life safety has stood as its number-one commandment. The environment that our victims face is dynamic, toxic, and hostile. Our job is to implement proper strategies and tactics. The enemy-fire-has the element of surprise; it chooses the “battlefield” and “sets the sand in motion.” The only way to stop it is to remove the victim to definitive care. Proper staffing and aggressive tactics help ensure the victim’s best chance for survival. Victim Synopsis Our greatest moment is when we save a life. Victim survival is predicated on many factors that we cannot control such as building construction, fuel loads, and notification of alarm. Compartment size, layout, and door orientation also can be the difference between life and death. Recognize that you may not be able to save a viable victim in every situation. However, by coordinating fire attack, ventilation, search, and command with…

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