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Driving the Change: a Pivotal Opportunity for the U.S. Fire Service

Issue 3 and Volume 169.

Like many of you, I read through the Fresno Cortland accident report in which a Fresno (CA) fire captain was severely burned in a residential fire. The officer, whose crew was assigned to ventilate, was standing on the roof assessing the single-story, single-family structure for ventilation. The roof over the garage catastrophically failed, and the captain fell through the roof into the garage. He suffered significant burns.1 The following excerpt from the Executive Summary of the report really resonated with me: When do we say enough is enough? We have the necessary information, and we have the power and ability to make the necessary changes that will prevent future injuries to the brave firefighters of “Our” American Fire Service. It is the hope and vision of this team that this Fresno report become the benchmark, or wake-up call, we all need to finally effect positive cultural change to our proud…

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