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Getting a Loved One Started in Recovery: Invitational Intervention

Issue 3 and Volume 169.

There are many examples of how families positively motivate and influence individuals to make productive and lasting changes. Among them was former First Lady Betty Ford, who was faced with a decision related to her drinking and prescription drug abuse. Her family met with her to discuss their worry and concerns. She had to make a difficult choice to stop these practices and get the needed love and support from her family for a lasting recovery or face the consequences of continued use. She chose to start recovery. Firefighters/first responders and our families, who are also high-profile within communities, can positively invite a loved one to stop using. These are two high-profile examples of how families can positively influence a loved one to stop using. The key ingredient in each story is that the family became motivated to change. No longer was the family going to be controlled by the…

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